A View on Reading FC

Every once in a while I take to writing an article about my beloved club. I have remained silent for a while now and think it is about time to put my view across.

Its been a turbulent time of late, apart finally securing permanent owners, things have been below par. Performances on the field have left our fans calling for Adkins head. I have to admit, that despite performances and the increasing lack of support I still would not sack Mr Adkins. Our fans have a real lack of patience, and that small amount has already run out with most. I agree performances have not been good enough, but I think people forget that the manager is one man, and a football club is run by many people. Ultimately, results tend to fall upon the shoulders of the man at the helm, however I strongly feel that a lot of players have to take a good look at themselves and wonder if they are doing enough.

It is fair to say the team have been below par this season, but none more so than Alex Pearce. Pearce is a player in increasingly dislike and seems far from the defender that was rumoured to be joining Liverpool only a couple of years ago. Dubbed by Bredan Rodgers as the next John Terry for me he is far from that standard and always will be. He lacks great footballing ability and worries me every time he receives the ball, and does not seem like an Adkins player to me. Since his red card, we have played 2 games with Cooper and Hector as our Center Back pair and won one and drawn the other, keeping a clean sheet. I don't think that is coincidence. The game against Cardiff, Pearce single-handedly lost us the game, getting sent off, giving away a penalty and scoring an own goal. For me, with the little I have seen of the injury prone Ferdinand so far, Pearce is my fourth choice in that position.

Players aside, I think we also have to consider the position Adkins found himself in shortly after joining the club. A man promised money to spend and strong backing from the board was left with a club with no owners and serious amount of debt meaning he had very little to work with. I was lucky enough to meet Nigel Adkins before the Thais came in, I was at a training session and speaking with the man himself, he spoke of how he had several players who 'did not want to improve as footballers'. You can take what you want from that statement, but it does not seem he was happy with his squad, regardless of what he was saying to the press. We now find ourselves in a position with new owners, who everyone seemed excited about at first, but unable to spend any proper money due to Financial Fair Play restrictions which we would not be close to breaching if our favourite Russian had not screwed us over. Yes, Adkins has had the chance to bring in one or two faces, and I would like to point out the ones that have actually been his signings have proved the most successful signings in a long time (Cox, Norwood, Mackie). It would be great for him to have the chance to spend in January, but that looks unlikely. So what are fans asking for? Adkins out? Well I'd suggest that if that did happen, the next manager to step in would find himself in a position where he can't spend any money and has to work with what he's got, and given a little time the Reading faithful will yet again be calling for that mans head. Before things are sorted financially, and from top to bottom, this club will struggle to push forward. If we find anyone who can take us to the next level under the current restrictions then fantastic, but we'll then struggle at the next level with no money. At the end of this season, we will be in a better position, I don't think we'll have trouble staying in the Championship and I hope we will have Adkins at the helm. Then he'll have a window where he can really make a few signings of his own and then I will start to judge him a little harsher. For now, I realise that whoever we have as our manager, things are going to be difficult. Let's hope I'm proved wrong.


Thanks for Reading.

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