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About Us - The Football Family Logo - 2012 Welcome to the Football FamilyThis website was created in October 2012 after upgrading from the original website of www.transfermarketfeed.com. Now part of The Sports Family Network which includes other titles such as:

The Golf Family

The latest news and betting information from the world of Golf, including the latest DFS views.

Saints FanZone

A community fan site for Saints Fans, with news, transfers and the latest match reports.

The Sports Family

The parent site with all the latest articles from all our networks, giving you the one stop access to all the latest news in the Sports World.

Full of Piss and Vinegar

A footie banter site with forums, groups and meet ups for anyone interested in footie, away days, betting. Soon to be launched.

The Cricket Family

All the latest news from the world of cricket. Coming Soon . .

The F1 Family

All the latest news from the world of motorsport. Coming Soon . .

The NFL Family

All the latest news from the world of NFL. Coming Soon . .

The Football Family is a community portal which offers fans an insight into all the latest football news from around the globe.

The website offers Domestic News, Transfer News, Blogs, Live Scores, Gaming, Podcast, Betting and a Forum for all to use.

We have several writers who contribute to the success of the website, which offers a platform for knowledgeable writers and trainee journalists who are looking for a project to take their career to the next stage. Full credit is always given to our writers and we encourage you to fill out your profiles to the full to ensure this including links to your social profiles.

The website obtains around 25,000 hits a week (50,000+ in Transfer Windows), of which the website's twitter account has 28,800 followers which is growing every day..

If you would like to advertise, organise a sponsored article or tweet then please contact us.

I hope you enjoy your time with The Football Family


The Football Family

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