Arsenal’s Woes

Arsenal have always been a Premier League force to be reckoned with, every season they would be there or there abouts, despite not always making the biggest and best signings in the transfer window. Arsene Wenger has come under heavy criticism in recent seasons for not spending like their rivals have been, and I think it may finally come back to haunt him.

Yet again this summer Arsenal have remained very quiet in the window, apart from their pursuit of Luis Suarez, which now seems to have gone quiet. While you could argue Manchester United have also been very quiet, you have to remember the team United start this season with is the team that were Champions last season, whereas Arsenals team just pipped Tottenham to fourth. This means even though United haven’t spent any money, Arsenal are still lagging behind.

United, however are not Arsenals only worries, the team they beat to fourth by one point, and their big London rivals Tottenham have been busy in the market, strengthening their squad with some very good talent including Capoue, Soldado and Paulinho. Another rival, Chelsea have also strengthened bringing in the likes of Schurrle, van Ginkel, Schwarzer and Cuevas, as well as these the return of ‘The Special One’ which will provide the club with a massive boost, and I think they will be title contenders this season. Liverpool, another top 5 contender have also been very busy bringing in players such as Aspas, Alberto, Mignolet, Toure and Cissokho, and with highly rated manager Rodgers ingraining his passing philosophy into the players they will, in my opinion, have a very good season. Finally, you have Manchester City, who finished second last season, and would be disappointed with how far away they were from leaders United. As expected new boss Manuel Pellegrini has been busy, bringing in some fantastic stars such as Navas, Negredo, Jovetic and Fernandinho.

With United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs being very busy in the transfer window and pushing for those Champions League spots, I feel Arsenal have been left behind. Today they were beaten at home by Aston Villa, who only just managed to survive last season in the Premier League, which I’m sure left Arsenal fans very worried come the final whistle.

If Arsenal want to continue to compete, I feel they must strengthen to keep up with their rivals, or maybe it could be time for a change at the club, and the end of the road for Arsene Wenger.

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