Customs officers board Ronaldo’s yacht

Custom and Excise officers have boarded Cristiano Ronaldo’s yacht as part of an inspection, according to reports.

The Real Madrid forward has been involved in controversy this summer as tax prosecutors in Spain look to charge him with evasion.

And, his holiday was interrupted by Armed officers as part of a Customs and Excise inspection, it has been confirmed by Spanish magazine Hola.

Ronaldo, 32, was on the yacht with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, friends and family when officials approached the vessel and boarded to undergo an inspection of documents and personal belongings.

Reports say the inspection lasted just under two hours with Hola further quoting: ‘A Customs camera filmed everything that happened during the inspection.

‘One of Cristiano’s relatives was the person who dealt with the administrative work and showed them the documentation they asked for.

‘Ronaldo stayed very calm and at no time did he get up to speak to the officials or ask about what was happening.

‘He was with his girlfriend Georgina and his mother Dolores Aveiro, who he was seen chatting with inside the yacht.’

Ronaldo is due to attend court at the end of the month as part of a claim he defrauded authorities of £12.9m in tax.

Source: La Liga News