UEFA President Michel Platini has today revealed talks are taking place to discuss the biggest issues in European football. The main subject on the agenda is how to rejuvenate European club competitions with one idea being discussed the dissolution of the Europa League and to expand the Champions League to involve 64 teams instead. This would see England have seven representatives in Europe’s elite competition.


The idea is to have one competition that everyone strives to qualify for but many fear it would devalue the competition preferring the idea of the reintroduction of a Cup Winners Cup style tournament instead.


Platini said: “There is a debate to determine what form European competitions will have between 2015 and 2018, we will make a decision in 2014.”


The 57-year-old Frenchman moved to rubbish the on-going claims that Europe’s biggest clubs are planning on forming a breakaway competition too. “It is a question that is regularly brought up, I can’t see how it would work outside the UEFA framework.”


Also up for discussion is the introduction of video technology to football with Platini saying: “There is one complicated thing for which we might, and I say might, need video and that’s offside.” This is a decision that would offer as much controversy as it would a solution though, with many arguing it goes against the nature of the beautiful game.


What do you think of the proposed changes? Would you like to see more teams in the Champions League or do you have any other solutions that could help the profile of The Europa League?

Also are you for or against the idea of video technology?


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