Judgement By Television

Football has changed over the years and so too has its rules and regulations. Since I retired  from the art of blowing a whistle it has been hard to remember the amount of changes the beautiful game has had. Some may say that the changes are for the better and others will totally disagree. The campaign to get goal line technology was successful and in my opinion it was a waste of money, how many times has it been really used in fairness. A lot of the time, the goals that have been claimed by the technology, have already been seen by the match officials. This technology has also created a two tier system with some leagues not having it, something I am totally against. Now if we are to believe what we read and hear, their is going to be the introduction of video assisted referees.

It will be extremely interesting when video assisted referees comes along, but at the moment a lot of the associations are weighing up their options. The whole idea behind the introduction of this new technology to the game will be to correct decisions that have been made incorrectly by the officials on the pitch. It will basically be another official sitting inside the ground or a TV van close to the ground and he will be rectifying issues so as to get the right result in the end. It is a new addition that does not sit comfortably with me at all, as in my opinion it opens up all sorts of issues. I can only imagine that when the referee on the pitch asks for a review, the likes of Sky TV and other stations will be bursting a gut to get their opinion first out to the watching public. The whole idea has also got another angle of which I am sure a lot of people have missed. As we know, over the years controversy has not been to far away from our game when it comes to refereeing decisions. How many times have the fans gone to a pub after the game and debated the rights and the wrongs of refereeing decisions, it has been part and parcel of our game and it is the very thing that makes it the beautiful game, because as we know opinions in our game can be so different at times. The sad part about the introduction of this new technology called video assisted referees is that these controversial decisions that create much discussion, will be no more as the guy sitting behind the TV monitor will have decided the outcome.

A new era is possibly dawning on all things refereeing as we go forward but I am not really sure it can add to our game. For a longtime now FIFA have been trying to introduce a whole lot of radical new ideas and they are only falling short of doing away with referees altogether. Can you imagine in say twenty years time that we will have an official sitting in the stands deciding issues on the pitch, it is not beyond the the realm of possibility and I have to admit that it is something I for one would not be happy about. In my opinion FIFA should just leave the game alone and stop tinkering with the rules and regulations, as we have done ok with them as we sit in the year 2017. Football needs controversy and so do the supporters, it is the trigger that makes this game of ours so special.


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