Jupp Heynckes Reveals His 6 House Rules for the Bayern Munich Squad

​Jupp Heynckes is at Bayern Munich again, in what is actually his fourth spell at the club.

The German boss, who led the Bavarian side to the treble in 2013, made way for Pep Guardiola to come in at the end of that season, explaining that he wanted some peace and quiet in his life after many years of football involvement.

However, the club convinced him to come back after Carlo Ancelotti's recent firing, and he aims to whip his old side back into shape.

According to German publication ​Sport Bild, via sources in Bayern's camp, Heynckes has imposed six strict rules on his players.

"It still fascinates me today how stubbornly and closed the team at that time pursued their goals," he said of his 2012/13 squad's discipline, indicating his desire to recreate the atmosphere from that era.

The manager has banned the use of cell phones in most places, insisted on punctuality and has asked his squad to maintain a high level of cleanliness.


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"In the cabin, the mobile phone should not be permanently out, that is not possible in other professions," Sebastian Rudy says.

With regards to punctuality and training, fitness coach Holger Broich said: "We are now starting an hour earlier than 10 hours an hour under Ancelotti."

"The sequences in this Time is now a bit different under Heynckes. Warm-up is longer and much more intense, and there are also stabilization exercises at least twice a week."

The manager has also stressed on the importance on courtesy and greeting every single member of the club's staff upon sight.

"It is essential to work together in a team that attaches importance to courtesy, respect and discipline," Joshua Kimmich said, confirming as much.

The forming of mini-groups or factions within the squad has also been banned, while the rules regarding nutrition have been changed.

All of the players are to have the same meal after training, and the nutrition consultants have been let go.

According to Heynckes: "Nutrition consultants are over-rated. The head must go!

"The coach has announced this and so should be implemented. But he also emphasizes that this is based on trust," Rudy explains.

Only time will tell how effective Heynckes' methods are, but the players already seem to be responding well, having beaten Freiburg 5-0 on Saturday.

Source: 90min.com