Leganes – A Fans View

Our Fans View Series’ continues as Gerry Johnston interviews Leganes fan, @NELDAILEGA about the season ahead.

Leganes finished 17th in La Liga last season. Were you happy to stay up or do you think they could have done better?

I was very happy to stay in La Liga. It was hard but not a total surprise to me. I think a place higher would have been fairer. The end of the season that saw Deportivo La Coruña finish above us was not good and we had opportunities to stay 16th.

Asier Garitano will be in charge for a fifth season. Is he still the right man to keep taking the club forward?

Absolutely yes. There was a time when we had doubts about his performance as a coach, but Asier has shown us all, myself included, that he is the right man to lead our project in the top division.

Leganes have been quite busy in the tranfer market so far. What are your thoughts on the moves they have made to date?

It is not normal for this team. Usually the club tries to sign players but the players themselves are the ones who do not want to come. This year it seems that the winds are changing and we are more attractive as an entity. The construction of new training camps, economic stability and sporting direction are making a difference. Some of the six new signings were already with us last year and join the new players. I think they will be excellent tools to achieve safety once again. They are experienced and quality players. Some surprise players are also yet to come.

Are there any areas in the squad that you think need to be improved on this summer? Has anyone been linked to fill those position?

We need more goals. This should be the priority, so forwards. We do not know if Kone is recovered. We cannot afford a player less. I have faith in him and if he is in shape he could be the surprise of the season together with Omar Ramos. We must bring attacking reinforcements in. My preferences are the return of Ruben Peña or the signings of Zakaria Bakkali and Nano Mesa. We still do not know anything officially.

If you were allowed to make one realistic signing for the club who would you bring in?

I could be a good signing. I would give everything for this shirt. I’m joking. To be honest, any of the names mentioned in the previous answer would be good signings. I like Mauro Dos Santos in defence. Also Akeche, Eraso and some other players from Athletic Bilbao. We have an excellent relationship with Athletic and I’m sure that one or two players will come in from there.

Is there anyone in the squad that you are concerned might be tempted to move away from Leganes?

There are rumours about the possibility of Gabriel Pires and Alexander Szymanowsky leaving. Their performances in La Liga have brought the attention of some teams from all over the world. Specifically it seems that Newcastle are interested in Gabriel and Alex but there are several teams interested. It would be hard to have to find replacements for these players in the market. Fortunately they are only rumours for now.

What are the club plans this summer? Do they have any tours or training camp planned?

Yes. We have several games arranged with teams from a few different levels.. The team returned to work on 10th July at the Butarque stadium. On the web page of the club there are details of the preseason matches including dates and times. Garitano will repeat a plan similar to last year which worked out very well. They will change some of the clubs that we play friendlies against but the distance travelled will be similar. If something works do not change it.

Are there any youngsters at the club who you think could make the breakthrough into the first team this season?

I do not think so. We have a lot of young talent in the but none experienced in the highest categories. However, they may get an opportunity in the case of an injury to a first team player, as happened last season. We had very bad luck last year with injuries to the goalkeepers which I think was a Guinness world record. We played with five different goalkeepers. J.A. Serantes, A. Brignoli, D. Barrrios, I. Herrerin and N. Champagne. Of these the only young man was Diego Barrios who debuted in the First Division and played a total of 61 minutes. A. Molina (10 mins), S. Arribas (3 mins) and S. Segura (80 mins) in the Copa, is all the time that Leganes could give to their young players last season. We hope to improve this aspect in the years to come.

What are Leganes targets for next season?

Stay in La Liga at all costs and grow as an entity. We want to continue the project in the First Division and be aggressive in trying to finish the season in a higher position than last year. There are projects in place to expand the stadium to enable everyone on the season ticket waiting list to get a seat.

Our social media presence has multiplied in the last year with our club website, readers of articles on WWW.LEGAMANIA.COM and the partners and supporters who discuss C.D. Leganes on the forum WWW.LEGAMANIA.ES, are doubled year after year.

We also have a project to launch our own supporters association, “PEÑA LEGAMANIA” , to further support the club globally and in our own stands. Our motto as a club is Humility, Work and Ambition. Now all the teams know of our potential and will be more prepared against us and it will not be easy, but we are C.D LEGANES and ¡Go For All! (¡VAMOS A POR TODAS!).

Source: La Liga News