Perez on Ronaldo and Bale situation

Manchester United fans won't be too happy to hear that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is convinced Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at the club.

He told 20Minutos:

"He's our most important asset, around who we build the Madrid of the future,"

"Soon we will clarify this issue. I have no doubt that Cristiano is going to retire at Real Madrid. I'm convinced that he'll renew. The renewals are done before the season starts."

Perez, has also hinted at signing Tottenham midfielder Gareth Bale. The Welshman has been linked with a move to the Spanish side, as a replacement for Ronaldo, but it doesn't seem Ronaldo will be leaving.

The 66 year old Real Madrid president, has said that great players are "never expensive". He went on to say that only Messi and Ronaldo were more impressive than Bale last season, and that the 23 year old would be worth the investment.

Perez told 20Minutos:

"Players are never expensive or cheap,"

"It depends on the performances that they provide. Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo and Beckham gave us a massive jump in income. If you invest if great players, you will have more income.

"That allows, firstly, the club to be independent and in the hands of the members, and, secondly, to attract other great players."

"I try to make it that the best players in the world play for Madrid,"

"But it's not necessary that every summer we bring in a big name for the media or their image because that only lasts as long as the presentation and not much longer.

"We want great footballers who work hard and understand this club and its history. Those that know me, know I always want the best to come to Madrid."

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