Reading FC set for Twenty's Plenty

Reading Football Club have today set a huge example to the rest of the EFL, by announcing that they will charge a maximum of £20 for away fans to watch their team play at the Madjeski Stadium as part of the Twenty's Plenty Campaign.

This is great news because Reading Football Club have done something that the EFL has failed to do, in setting a limit in which clubs charge for away tickets.

On the other hand the Premier League has set a limit for its clubs, in that they can only charge a maximum of £30 for away tickets.

This makes no sense whatsoever, the price of watching football in the championship has rocketed so high that fans are starting to get very angry, over the ticket prices for away games. A classic example of this is Sheffield Wednesday charging Aston Villa fans £42 for an adult ticket to go and watch their team play away from home. That's not all, the price for Over 65's and Under 21's is £32. Once you factor in transport costs the total costs could be between £60 and £70.

This is ridiculous. Why should people pay that amount of money, when it could be cheaper for them to go and watch a Premier League game?  A example of this would Sunderland's game at Manchester City, where an adult ticket is £30 and a ticket for over 65's and under 22's is £20.

Not only is this a saving a £12, but it is now cheaper in some cases to watch Premier League football than Championship football, surely this should be the other way round?

Why doesn't the EFL set a limit of £20 for Championship clubs, £15 for League 1 clubs and £10 for League 2 clubs, its the simplest way surely?

The fact is that Reading Football Club have put the whole of the EFL to shame, by actually listening to the fans and charging prices in which fans can afford.

Hopefully long term, other clubs from the EFL will the follow the example set by Reading, before this whole situation gets out of control.

Furthermore I hope that the EFL actually take a look at what Reading Football Club has done and actually set a limit in which members can charge for away tickets.

Well done Reading Football Club, you have done the championship and English Football proud.



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