Southampton, a real force?

Southampton impressed once again this season with a very convincing 2-0 victory over a struggling Fulham side to move into third and cemented their place as a strong and competitive side.

However, with only 9 matches into the season, is it wise to create such a reputation that Southampton are a real force in the Premier League.

Saints built further onto their reputation last weekend when they held Manchester United to a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford. Very few teams can say that they were the better side at Old Trafford but Southampton definitely did that and showed many other teams in the Premier League that they are going to be a very tough team to beat home and away.

The performance last weekend showed the country that Southampton know how good they are this season and play incredibly confidently against the best teams in the league and all the player are starting to believe that they are good enough.

The fans also seem to be clinging on the idea at how good Southampton have become and has made them believe that they can expect a very good performance from their side every weekend.

However, the team and the fans have to remember that this is only the beginning of the season and still with 29 games to go, Saints might not be as high as they find themselves now.

Southampton will know that in order to cement their place in the top half of the table, they must buy and sell wisely in the January transfer window after keeping a strong position at christmas.

Manager, Mauricio Pochettino will know that he will have to keep the tempo in the squad and perform very wisely at what areas need to be further strengthened in the squad come the January transfer window.

Saints are looking good but can they keep it up and cement their place in the top half of the table at the end of the season which right now they clearly deserve to be there.

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