Carlos Tevez might have just driven his Porsche Panamera out of Manchester for the last time, but did you ever wonder how long it took him to pay for it?

The answer is one week, with the Argentinian pocketing £10,000 change from his seven day salary. In fact had he stayed at City, Tevez could have parked 56 Panameras in his garage each year. Over at the other side of Manchester there are similarly ostentatious cars sitting outside the training guide, with United striker Wayne Rooney’s 201 mph Lamborghini Gallardo costing him only a single week’s wages…after tax of course. Criminal.

Here are the some of the more jealously inducing automobiles driven by Association Football’s top stars, thanks to the people at Autoweb – the home of free car ads.


Back to reality then… now where are my keys to the Corsa?


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