Sunderland Search for a New Manager

Following his appointment in March, it seemed Di Canio could turn over a new page in Sunderland’s history book, with his charismatic and flamboyant nature on the touchline, and his passion to turn around Sunderland’s season, he managed to keep them up in the top flight. But maybe he wasn’t cut out for it, maybe his energy and enthusiasm was enough to spur everyone on to finish well last year, but when it came to hard work in pre-season and preparing from the start he wasn’t able to have the same impact.

Who knows, but what we do know is that 5 games in to the season, Sunderland have failed to win, and only have one point. Whether he was sacked too soon or not, it is not the start that many of us expected from Sunderland. I personally don’t think that Di Canio was ready, he does have some very good qualities however I think as a manager he is very naive, and still has a lot to learn. Undoubtedly he made a very good team at Swindon, and they are still working on the foundations he put in place however I think he overestimated how good he was, as did the board at Sunderland, and that was ultimately his, and their downfall.

So now we look a couple of views from our twitter account where I asked for Sunderland fans to give their opinions…..

@LiamHurley94 suggested “Di Matteo is frontrunner and not necessarily because he’s a good manager, all financial” he went on to say… “Apparently the entire backroom staff is Italian and releasing them from their contracts will cost a fortune.”

Interesting thoughts there, however, even if it is true, it’s not like your getting a bad quality manager in Di Matteo.

When asked who Sunderland fans would like to see in next, @ben14halliday said…..

“Di Matteo, feel sorry for Di canio but you can’t show players up in public and are the new players better than what we had?”

@ivinsni also agreed “I’d take Di Matteo though”

The odds suggest the front runners for the job are Roberto Di Matteo, Tony Pulis, Gus Poyet and Alex McLeish. In my opinion, Pulis and McLeish should immediately be forgotten as contenders, as I see that as a sideways step. Di Canio has installed a style of football which, Di Matteo and Poyet would be good at continuing as it suits them. If Pulis or McLeish were hired then I feel that Sunderland would go back to a style of football which hasn’t worked for them.

In my humble opinion, I think that Di Matteo would be the best option for them at this time. His style of football is not too different to Di Canio’s which will mean that (hopefully) it will not take as long for his style to be taken on board by the team. He has done well as a manager, and I think that it would be a good challenge for him to take on.

Any views and opinions welcome.

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