The Bale Transfer Domino Effect – Will it or Won’t it happen?

If you are aware of football news or have read sports newspaper, you would know that a whole host of media sources are hyping a ‘Domino Effect‘ following the transfer of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid. The hype is that once the Bale deal is confirmed, several major players could leave and be bought by major European clubs from the initial Bale move to Real Madrid. With time running out and the transfer window dwindling to a close, all this hype may be just over eager journalists wanting something exciting to set alight the final few days of the Summer Transfer Window.
Could we see a dramatic ending of the window with big money moves galore in the final week?

Despite Spurs saying they are considering an offer from another team other than Real Madrid, I believe this could just be a scheme to rinse every penny out of Real Madrid’s pockets. Many think that Bale has his heart set on a move to ‘Los Blancos’ and it just a matter of time before he is announced as a Real Madrid player. A move to anywhere other than Real now would be a massive shock, if he stayed it would be equally shocking – if the majority of media is to be believed anything other than a Madrid move is near on impossible now.

The documented transfer domino effect will need a few days to work its magic on the football world – so I think if the Bale deal is completed imminently, a domino effect of sorts is still very much a possibility.
However If Spurs drag this Bale saga closer and closer to Deadline Day then a domino effect would be beyond the realms of possibility and very unlikely.

So what could happen if Bale’s transfer is announced imminently? I think if Bale is announced soon (within the next 48hrs) we could see some movement at Real Madrid…in terms of departures. If Bale arrives at Madrid; Modric, Khedira, Alonso, Ozil, Kaka, Illarramendi, Casemiro, Bale, Ronaldo, Isco and Di Maria would be the midfielders at Real Madrid. With a midfield normally consisting of 5 midfielders; would mean that many of those top class midfielders at Real Madrid will be benched regularly or be played out of their preferred position regularly – which could damage egos and cause unhappy star players. Also if Bale was sold to Madrid for the reported €99m then due to Financial Fair Play, Real may be forced to balance their books by letting players go.

One player that Bale’s arrival could send to the exit doors is Mesut Ozil. With Man United needing a marquee creative midfield star after missing out on Cesc Fabregas, Ozil is reportedly a target for the Red Devils and has also been linked with an audacious move by Arsenal. According to Sky Sports Spanish Football expert, Graham Hunter, Ozil is not happy with the threat to his position in the team with Bale and Isco and his dad is supposedly wanting his son to move to another team in order for him to secure a place in the German World cup squad in 2014. With a £35-40m offer, United may be able to prise Ozil away from the Bernabeu as a result of a Bale move.

Another player that could be sold if Bale arrives at Real, is Angel Di Maria, many teams are interested in the winger – most notably Man United and Arsenal. Last season he was out of favour and this season, Bale’s addition would only make him lower on the pecking order. So with opportunities limited – I think we will see him make a move away from the club. Similarly Kaka despite at one stage being the record move in football history has dwindled down to a constant Benchwarmer at the Bernabeu. If Madrid could find possible suitors then they would happily offload Kaka. Luka Modric is another midfielder that’s been heavily linked to a move to Manchester United, but with Ancelotti a big fan of him and Alonso’s injury, it seems unlikely he will be moving this summer now.

The biggest move out of the lot and is still a slight possibility is a move out of Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo. All summer long, journalists have teased the United fans’ dream transfer of Ronaldo to United. Until he signs a new contract that will always be a possibility, especially as it is clear that the club is still very much so still in Ronaldo’s heart. Of course its a long shot, but if Bale becomes the record player in world football surpassing him, Ronaldo’s ego may suggest he would not be the main man at Madrid if he arrived. Ronaldo may have to play out of his preferred position and for arguably the best player in the world, maybe he would be unwilling to make such compromises. However such a major transfer is unlikely to happen in such a small space of time. Maybe next year he could move but day by day a Ronaldo return to Old Trafford gets more and more unlikely this summer.

The ‘Transfer Domino Effect‘ may not only affect Real Madrid players it could effect other teams too. For instance Real Madrid are reportedly interested in Luis Suarez. Suarez’s future is still up in the air and Suarez’s dream move, is said to be one to Real Madrid, if Real sell a few stars they may go for a late bid for the controversial striker. Seeing as though Benzema could be subject of an Arsenal bid and the fact that Madrid are already light on forwards, a Suarez move could well come into fruition, as they have already sold two strikers this summer in Callejon and Higuain. Also moves for Real Madrid stars may bring about departures from clubs that buy the Real players. For example if Di Maria was targeted by Man United, they may be inclined to sell an existing winger like Nani. So a whole host of European Clubs could be affected by Bale’s record breaking move.

One thing is for sure, if Bale’s move is completed soon, there is so many possibilities of transfer moves and consequently a lot of permutations / consequences of them moves. If the domino effect doesn’t happen it would be a boring anti-climax to a hyped exciting finale to the window.

Nevertheless, If The transfer domino effect does happens it could make for the most interesting, exciting final few days of a Summer Transfer Window since the start of the Premier League. Since we all want to see this intriguing ending lets all hope that Daniel Levy stops the penny-pinching and lets the Bale move happen as soon as possible!

By Hesham Bilal-Hafiz (@hesham786)

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