The Irish Dream Team

Well the news is out and its official.Martin O,Neill is the new Irish manager.Over the weekend O,Neill was unveiled as boss of the Irish soccer team.In fairness a very good appointment.Martin was rumored to be in with a big chance of getting the job earlier last week but like all things in football until I saw the press conference I was not reporting on it.It had been strongly rumored that Martin was going to bring Roy Keane in to work as his assistant,raising many an eyebrow round the Irish football family .So without running away with all the Roy Keane hype,let us try and look at the positives and negatives of the two guys now in charge for the 2016 European Championship campaign.

Martin O,Neill in my opinion is a brilliant appointment to the Irish managers position.Everywhere Martin has gone,he has been successful.The only blip in a great career has been his time at Sunderland where in fairness I think he was let down by the owners.What Martin brings to the party is a man management skill second to none.He has a knack of turning average players into world beaters, and with the Irish squad he has at his disposal this trait will be a real plus.He has often been compared to the late great Brian Clough and we all know what that man achieved in football.

The news that Roy Keane was to be appointed as assistant manager came as a huge shock to most people including myself.Roy has been sitting comfortably in the ITV studios for the past two years and many thought the management side of football had passed him by.But what Keano brings to the table is a knowledge of Irish football second to none.He has watched games at all levels and knows where the future players will come from.There is no doubt in my mind that when Martin asks Roy for an opinion on this player or that player,Keane will give it straight and wont pull any punches.A lot of people remember Keane walking out of the Irish squad in the 2002 World Cup which rocked the country,but the time now is right to move on and a new start for all concerned.

To sum everything up,this could be a very successful appointment for Irish soccer and fingers crossed that is.France 2016 is on the horizon and the Irish need to qualify,so may I wish the new Irish management team all the best.Republic+of+Ireland+football+team+topic

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