Who was your favourite referee of last season?

Thats a difficult one as we all have our memories of the referee's from last season and most of them I Joe Hartcan guarantee weren't good memories! A lot of people, including myself rated Referee Michael Oliver for his professionalism and steadfastness at Old Trafford, or did you get swayed by the lack of a card after Joe Hart appeared to head-butt him?

Maybe you liked the hard referee's, such as Mike Dean or Jonathan Moss who dished out 8 red cards each, or it was the cautionary figure of  Martin Atkinson for his 127 yellow cards!

I in particular remember the deplorable display of Kevin Friend at St Mary's, and the twitter barrage he got afterwards!

Whatever your memories good or bad, who created the best memory for you and discussion point at your local afterwards?

Love them or hate them you have got to admit they create a talking point that is unmatched anywhere else.

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