Who's been a naughty boy then?

So our travelling fans are in trouble again for having a good time! Since when do football chants have to be politically correct? Am I wrong?

Well, according to the majority I am and I should be punished heavily. At last nights Germany v England game a small minority started singing '10 German bombers' and within minutes the whole of the away end looked like a drunken mass of human aeroplanes dive bombing the row in front, all in extreme jollity. 

Greg Clark was venomous in his attack on the fans as was a number of newspaper columns. 

Greg Clarke: England chants 'inappropriate, disrespectful and disappointing'

"The FA has consistently urged supporters to show respect and not to chant songs that could be regarded as insulting to others," said Clarke

The day before the game England fans were generally having a good time fuelled by drink and a pre match game in a square in Dortmund with opposing German fans. German fans were not bothered - it is quintessentially the grudge match that keeps going on and on. It's either the war or THAT goal in 1966 that seems to rule fans.

What is upsetting is the reward for that wonder goal that won the tie for the Germans by Lukas Podolski in his final and 150th appearance for Germany. No-one deserves the grief he got from England fans last night not on this night!

Gareth Southgate made a passing criticism at the fans but it's not up to him. He shouldn't feel he needs to say this. The FA are responsible for our fans and if they think they have overstepped the mark then they need to act quickly and decisively and not just with a few words! 

“Obviously our travelling support in terms of number and the way they back the team is brilliant. But we would encourage them to do that in the right way at all times.” Southgate

It's entirely probable and likely that those who sang it or acted it out have no idea what they were singing about and I'm sure our British Veterans would be equally embarrassed. 

However the issue is banter and where it stops. 

Clearly the Football atmosphere has moved on from 10 years ago where politically correct needs to be embroiled into many of the songs on the terraces when we are abroad. However I don't think it will be any time soon before that takes affect in our of our domestic ties and when it does will the atmosphere be the same?

Who remembers "Your going to get your f***ing head kicked in", or "your going home in an ambulance"? 

Clearly not right and we have moved on from those days. Do we need to further move on. I, as I said above, clearly believe they had no idea of the significance or remember why we sang it in those days, but what amazes me is that no-one has picked up a number of nazi salutes by the home crowd! 

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