Zlatan and Ming's both charged by the FA!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Tyrone Mings have both been charged with alleged violent conduct following the Manchester United versus AFC Bournemouth game on Saturday. Both players have until 6pm on Tuesday 7 March 2017 to reply to their charge.

The FA has also "submitted a claim that the standard punishment that would otherwise apply for the misconduct committed by the Bournemouth defender is ‘clearly insufficient’", which would indicate that a longer ban would be on the cards for Tyrone Ming's if found guilty.

What's interesting is that everyone is in agreement that the retaliatory elbow on Ming's is clearly intentional. There is debate over whether Ming's intentionally stamped on Zlatan's head during the game. In a number of clips that seem to be circulating under the intense media pressure over these incidents it is seen that half of you (and I'm included) cannot see any body language to show intent. Initially as Zlatan crumbles to the floor over Rooney, Ming's can be clearly seen looking at the ball and running towards it. On the floor in front of him is Rooney and Zlatan. As he looks to be trying to clear both of them he is still clearly looking at the ball and over stretching, which I think he is making an attempt to avoid contact.

What follows is a matter of conjecture and clearly dividing the media and the fans, with the majority of United fans calling for justice, whilst ignoring Zlatan's blatant elbow that follows.

The only person who knows is Tyrone Ming's, and if he says he didn't mean it, I don't think there is sufficient evidence to say he did it intentionally and thus cannot be charged.

If he did, then its one of the most shocking challenges I have seen and nothing short of a life ban would suffice in my book. There is no place for that in modern football and it sends a terrible message and example to kids up and down the country.

It will be interesting to see what the responses are by Tuesday, whether both clubs accept the charge and await their punishment or if Ming's will actually defend his actions. He has to, and doing so will suffer the wrath of the FA if he is subsequently still found guilty and a lengthy ban awaits.

United have no choice but to accept the charge on Zlatan and the fact that he is stating Ming's head-butted his elbow just adds a further twist for the media's pleasure.

In another twist, Rooney says he had full view of the stamp in condemning it and supporting his team mate - sorry Wayne your looking the other way!

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